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Domain features

Providing for a domain registration is where our services but start!



We fully support registrations of IDN domains of individual TLDs, if the latter support the registration of IDN domains. Support of first-level IDN domains is simply commonplace with us.


Control panel offers full control over your domains by configuring domain name records. You can add, modify and delete AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV and MX records directly.


Our systems fully support the DNSSEC technology.

Whoisproxy service

We offer the Whoisproxy services with these domains: COM, NET, INFO.

Domain parking

It is possible to park domains which are temporarily out of use in the project in our Control panel. The money received for clicks on advertisements are regularly added to the credit balance of the account.

Automatic transfer

We offer technical solutions to automated transfer of a large of domains from another registrar.

Bulk operations

The Regtons Control panel features tools for bulk operations, which make the administration of the domain portfolio so much easier.

Reseller Program Highlights

Access to tons of TLDs

A chance to offer a huge number of domains to your customer.


We have a powerful API that gives you broad flexibility and control over your domains. Ideal to integrate with your own systems (SOAP, EPP).

Many additional features

Whois privacy services, tools for bulk domain registration and updates, trustee solutions for restricted TLDs (local presence services).

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