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Registry Solution

Technical services and backend management for own TLD registry. Complete outsourcing.


Regtons Registry Solution is the ideal response to all requirement for an up-to-date and functional TLD register. It is a modular system which easily accomodates to the needs of the register.

Key Benefits:

  • Solutions for custom TLD
  • EPP Server (RFC compatible)
  • Registrars support
  • Web administration for Registry and Registrars
  • Many register settings
  • Whois server (TCP/IP 43 or HTTP 80)
  • Compliant with ICANN requirements (newGTLD)
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • 99,99 % DNS Services


FRED Registry

FRED (Free Registry for ENUM and Domains) is licensed under GNU General Public License. FRED is developed by CZ.NIC (Czech .cz registry) from 2007.

We offer an extension of the FRED with web-based administration of the register which enables:

  • Complete administration of domains under the account of the register
  • Administration of the registrar, TLD and prices
  • Web interface for registrars (white-label)

Regtons.com manages domains. Domain statistics >>

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