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Control panel

We offer a domain control panel which allows you access to add, edit and manage all of your domains from a single place.


The Regtons administration interface is developed with an emphasis on full administration of individual operations that can be performed on domains so that the client enjoys the maximum freedom setting up individual functions. Regtons further accentuates simplification of bulk operations; the system is, therefore, equipped with functions for bulk operations of all kinds.

Key benefits:

  • Domain administrationn
  • Bulk operations
  • Administration of DNS including DNSSEC support
  • Files for ordering domains
  • Validation of Authid correctness
  • Whois proxy email redirect
  • Sale of domains in AfterNIC network, Domain Auction
  • SSL Certificates
  • Simple PHP Webhosting
  • Invoicing
  • Administration of contacts
  • Delegation of DNS Hosts


Domain administration

  • Registration and prolongation
  • Change of registrar
  • Editing holder, contact as well as DNS
  • Online restore of expired domains
  • Detailed information about domains including AUTHID
  • Detail lock/unlock of domains (hold, renew, update, delete)
  • Id protect (Whois Protection)
  • sync domain (pro .com/.net postponing of the expiry date)

Bulk operations

  • Basic bulk operations (registration, prolongation, transfer, editing)
  • Bulk confirmation/rejection of transfer-in/out
  • Bulk AUTHID setup
  • Bulk id protect setup
  • Bulk redirecting setup

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