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Registrar Solution

We will help you grow your business with Regtons Registrar Solution. It is comprehensive domain name registration and management system.


Have your own domain accreditations? Are you going to do accreditation? Are you looking for top quality technical background?
We offer a "plug and play" system which will provide for the connection of your accreditation to our system. In this way you will acquire a single place for the administration of your domains without high costs of development and operation. You will only utilise a single API or web interface. At the same time, all of the advantages of the reseller program still apply to you.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete and comprehensive set of domain services
  • Web registrar interface
  • Ower 300 gTLDs and ccTLDs
  • Full unrestricted management of your domains
  • Access to logs and messages from register (poll messages)
  • Whois and DNS services
  • Compliant with ICANN requirements
  • Special processing (sunrise, specialized name spaces)


Registrar Solution Support:

  • All EPP-Based registries (ie. Verisign, Neustar, ...)
  • All HTML/EPP Based registries (ie. NIC.IT, NASK, ..)
  • Many Web Registries (ie. SK-NIC, NIC.CL, ..)

Currently, we support over 100 worldwide registry on many different technologies. We can automate any registry including payment operations.
We also offer our experience and support of accreditation acquisition. SEE OUR ACCREDITATIONS HERE!

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