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Whitelabel System

A complete solution to sale of domains to end customers for minimal costs.


Whitelabel is intended for clients using the Reseller Program or Registrar Solutions. The service provides a comprehensive web interface for customers’ registration / signup and the administration of their domains including additional services (DNS, FreeFTP, etc.).
Whitelabel enables making free adjustments of the design of the entire system or individual web sites.

Key benefits:

  • Your own web site design
  • Operation on your own domain
  • Support of web & e-mail templates
  • Detailed system settings
  • Administration of your own prices
  • User administration

The use of Whitelabel results in a significant reduction of the cost of web interface development.



The Regtons.com project us a great example of the potential of the Whitelabel solution. Offering individual design or independent domain price list.

Whitelabel Highlights


Access to more than 700+ TLDs

An offer of a huge number of worldwide domains to your own customers.


Without the associated investment

Access to technology without having to make a huge investment. Save time and money without risk.


Fully customised

Whitelabel is fully customisable. Your own price list, design and web site settings, template modifications are simply commonplace.

Regtons.com manages domains. Domain statistics >>

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