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SK domains - price cut and information about changes

6. Jan 2017

We are happy to announce 10% price cut of .SK domain names. At the same time we are attaching more information relating to changes happening in .SK registry in the first half of this year.


Main information for transformation of .SK domains:

  • The .SK registry will change the system of domain name registration and administration.
  • Registration procedure changes its T&C.
  • The restriction that the registrant has to be local in Slovakia will be cancelled.
  • The new system will come in place on 31/05/2017 (the datum was postponed as originally it should have been changed from January).
  • Private person will have to fill the date of birth in the registration of the domain name (won't be shown in WHOIS database).
  • Legal person will have to fill its ID (VAT number).
  • First two months after the new procedure will start it will be possible to change the owner of the domain name from local trustees to actual registrant contacts for free.
  • Local trustee or WHOIS protection won't be allowed anymore.
  • ADR procedure will be launched.

Because .SK domain names were mostly registered on our local trustee it will be necessary for administrators and owners of this TLD to change the registrant to their actual owner contacts. Our company won't be allowing the use of our trustee anymore. One of the reasons is a threat of extortionary fines for propagation of lottery webs (according to new SK laws).

We have prepared for you a table of your SK domain names with boxes to confirm new contacts used for your domains after the new system will be started.
You can find it in the Menu -> Other -> SK domains
Because new contact parameters are necessary for registrant contacts (VAT for companies and birth date for private person) you have to fill these for every .SK domain name.

We are asking all our customers to check and fill correct and actual domain registrants for their .SK domain names as soon as possible so these contacts can be used after the launch of the new system for .SK domains. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding these changes so please contact us on our email adress.

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