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TLD Validations: DK


Main Validations:

TLD Periods allowed Admin 1) Tech 1) Bill 1) NS 2) Transfer 3) Trade 4) Trustee 5) IDN
DK 1 year N/A N/A N/A hosts 1 N/A N/A no

1) - N/A - This TLD dont support this type of contact; number - Max number of contacts of this type
2) - hosts - You must fill a nameservers. nsset - You can use a nameserverset or fill nameservers directly
3) - Types of transfer: 1 - you must fill AUTHID; 2 - email authorization 3 - register information 4 - paper request 5 - contact support 6 - not possible
4) - 1 - Change of owner must be initiated as trade
5) - 1 - This TLD required local contact; 2 - This TLD required local contact and we offer it

Specific parameters:

Parameter Name Description Required Error code Allowed values
accept_registrar_management Accept registrar management I accept that Gransy s.r.o. manages my .dk domain name. By letting Gransy s.r.o. manage your domain name,
you agree that you give Gransy s.r.o. the right to make payments to DK Hostmaster, change the name server,
change contact information and cancelling the domain name on your behalf.
You can change this at DK Hostmaster's self-service at any time.Read more about DK Hostmaster here.
1 2024
1This needs to be agreed to. Only value "1" is accepted.
idnum VAT number 1 (only for organisations) 2024
internal_dnssec Automatic DNSSEC settings Whether to use internal DNSSEC settings 0 2065

- If required field is 1 you must fill in this paramater

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