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Command: Login

command Login

User login to API

Input Parameters ($data):

string login Client username for login
string password Client password

Output Responses:

string status ok | error
array data Details about your request
string ssid Token for this session


You can you your admin account in format admin#username (for example gates#microsoft) to login!
You must use admin password instead of your account password and admin must have API access sign.
More about account admins you can find here.


= new SoapClient(
"location" => "https://PRODUCTION/cmd.php",
"uri" => "http://PRODUCTION/soap"

$params = array ( 
"data" => array (
"login" => "demo",
"password" => "password",

$response $client->__call("Login",$params);
INPUT: [data] => Array ( [login] => demo [password] => 29ae201e12b466c7347a29 ) OUTPUT: [status] => ok [data] => Array ( [ssid] => c4d0a76dd497d3fad234da77adb4db8c )

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