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TLD Validations: BIZ.MY


Main Validations:

TLD Periods allowed Admin 1) Tech 1) Bill 1) NS 2) Transfer 3) Trade 4) Trustee 5) IDN
BIZ.MY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years N/A N/A N/A hosts 5 1 2 no

1) - N/A - This TLD dont support this type of contact; number - Max number of contacts of this type
2) - hosts - You must fill a nameservers. nsset - You can use a nameserverset or fill nameservers directly
3) - Types of transfer: 1 - you must fill AUTHID; 2 - email authorization 3 - register information 4 - paper request 5 - contact support 6 - not possible
4) - 1 - Change of owner must be initiated as trade
5) - 1 - This TLD required local contact; 2 - This TLD required local contact and we offer it

Specific parameters:

Parameter Name Description Required Error code Allowed values
idnum Company number / Personal ID 1 2000
type Organization type only for organizations 0 2000
company pursuant to companies act(roc)company pursuant to companies act(roc)
business pursuant to business registration act(rob)business pursuant to business registration act(rob)
business pursuant to commercial license ordinancebusiness pursuant to commercial license ordinance
architect firmarchitect firm
audit firmaudit firm
law firmlaw firm
valuer, appraiser and estate agent firmvaluer, appraiser and estate agent firm
offshore companyoffshore company
educational institution accredited/registered by relevant government department/agencyeducational institution accredited/registered by relevant government department/agency
farmers organisationfarmers organisation
federal government department or agencyfederal government department or agency
foreign embassyforeign embassy
foreign officeforeign office
government aided primary and/or secondary schoolgovernment aided primary and/or secondary school
lembaga (board)lembaga (board)
local authority department or agencylocal authority department or agency
maktab rendah sains mara (mrsm) under the administration of maramaktab rendah sains mara (mrsm) under the administration of mara
ministry of defences department or agencyministry of defences department or agency
parents teachers associationparents teachers association
polytechnic under ministry of education administrationpolytechnic under ministry of education administration
private higher educational institutionprivate higher educational institution
private schoolprivate school
regional officeregional office
religious entityreligious entity
representative officerepresentative office
society pursuant to societies act(ros)society pursuant to societies act(ros)
sports organisationsports organisation
state government department or agencystate government department or agency
trade uniontrade union
university under the administration of ministry of educationuniversity under the administration of ministry of education
trustee Local contact (Trustee) Whether to use trustee, in case you don't have local contact. For some TLDs it is paid service. 1 2063
0I own a contact fullfiling the conditions of TLD
1I want to register domain on registrarĀ“s Local Presence

- If required field is 1 you must fill in this paramater

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