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List of document types

Type identificatorDescriptionUploadable
bg_create_requestRequest for .BG registrationNO
bg_create_signedRequest for .BG registration (signed)YES
bg_id_documentCompany certificate / PassportYES
comhk_createRequest for registration .COM.HK domainYES
connectionDocumentation proving connection to Ireland. (Documentation proving connection to Ireland.)YES
dsdocDocument into data boxYES
ee_createRequest for registration .EE domainNO
ee_create_signedRequest for registration .EE domain (signed)YES
ee_transferRequest for transfer .EE domainNO
ee_transfer_signedRequest for transfer .EE domain (signed)YES
ee_updateRequest for change of .EE domainNO
ee_update_signedRequest for change of .EE domain (signed)YES
hk_modifyRequest for change of .HK domain (signed)YES
hk_modify_formRequest for change of .HK domainNO
hu_transfer_requestRequest for transfer of .HU domainNO
hu_transfer_signedRequest for transfer of .HU domain (signed)YES
identity_documentIdentity document (company identification document, copy of a passport, ID or driving licence)YES
identity_document_2Certificate of incorporation (In case the owner is a company it is necessary to attach a certificate of incorporation.)YES
poaPower of attorneyYES
sk_changeowner_requestRequest to change owner of .SK domainNO
sk_restore_requestRequest to restore .SK domainNO
sk_transfer_requestRequest to transfer .SK domainNO
tr_create_documentsTR registration documentsYES

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